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seniorfitness2Staying active in our golden years offers many benefits to Tuscaloosa seniors, including reducing the risk of such conditions as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and depression.

While mobility can be a factor affecting some older adults, there are various, simple ways most of us can squeeze some exercise into our everyday routines:

Take the stairs. instead of riding elevators or escalators. The additional work can increase breathing and heart rate, blood flow.

Keep Moving. A sedentary lifestyle can harm our health, so whenever possible, spent part of conversations talking to someone while both of you are walking rather than sitting for hours. If you are physically able, walk short distances rather than riding in a car. Make sure you have a good pair of shoes and stretch before walks to lessen the chance of injuries.

Stay Hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will not only mean more trips to the bathroom (more walking!), but it also helps the human metabolism.

Lift objects such as can of food to build muscle strength. Light weights, even a one-pound dumbbell, can decrease the symptoms of arthritis while improving bone density. Don’t assume that you only get an impact from heavy weights in a gym. Make up for the lighter weight with more repetitions. Make sure that whatever you lift is easy to grip.

Swim. Take advantage of community programs to use a pool for low-impact aerobic exercise. Spend time with the grandkids or take swimming lessons. Treading water against the resistance of water can build muscle and burn calories.

Stretch. Flexibility exercises can help your body stay limber.

Walk on a straight line. Balance exercises help prevent falls that can lead to injuries.

Each senior should analyze their particular health situation, start at a slow pace and consult with a physician before starting any strenuous exercise program. Even light exercise helps. Ask us for more information on health and fitness programs at Regency Retirement Village in Tuscaloosa.