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5 Ideas to Help Seniors Stay Active

It’s important to keep your mid and body active in your senior years, both for health and quality of life. Fortunately there are more fun ways than ever to enjoy active senior living– learn something new, and stay involved in the lives of loved ones and your neighbors. Here are five awesome ways to make the most of your retirement.

  • Do you miss work sometimes? After spending your whole adult life climbing the corporate ladder or supporting a spouse in his or her career, it can be a big adjustment to retire. If you feel this way, SCORE is a great organization that pairs mentors with business expertise in fields like finance, technology, and accounting with small business owners. You’ll help someone follow their dream and get to use your decades of experience! https://www.score.org/chapters-map
  • Get involved with a church, synagog, or other religious institution. Not only at the services spiritually rewarding, you’ll meet new friends and have a chance to get involved in everything from Bible studies (or other regular groups to go over sacred texts) to service projects to childcare, even travel!
  • Take up a new sport. Whether it’s walks or hikes in nature, leisurely bike rides, swimming and water aerobics, bowling, tennis, or golf, you’ll not only get some exercise, but you’ll keep your mind active with new strategies, techniques, and keeping score. Gyms are a great way to add plenty of variety to your workouts while giving you a regular community of friendly faces.
  • Gardening is the activity that keeps on giving. Not only do you get to enjoy time in the great outdoors and fresh air, you get to see the rewards of your hard work. If you plant flowers, you might end up with secondary activities to enjoy, like flower arranging or making potpourri. Herbs can turn into fun and delicious gifts for family and friends, and vegetables are a delicious way to literally savor your time spent with the soil. Sokol Park even has Community Garden pots for rent if you’re feeling ambitious from March through December!
  • Letters may have once been a lost art, but they’re making a comeback. People off all ages are remembering the beauty and sentimentality of stationary and the joy of the written word. In an era of instantaneous text messages and hurried emails, it can be such a special gift to receive a handwritten letter on good paper that you can truly savor. Make a point to send regular correspondence beyond the usual holiday cards. It’ll be a special treat for whoever finds your letter in their mailbox!