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senior-photographer-in-woodsMany a young man or woman will go straight from the university with a diploma in hand to a full-time job to raising families without much of a break in between these life transitions. When we reach retirement age and find our homes empty after the kids move out to start families of their own, there can be a moment of pondering “What next?”

There’s a whole lot of living left to do after leaving a longtime workplace. They are called the “Golden Years” because they’re supposed to be a treasured for rich experiences. People save and sacrifice during their working years so they can thrive and not simply survive.

Some of the ways seniors who are physically abled can enhance retirement include:
• Volunteering in the community for a local charity, church, school, civic club, homeless shelter, or retirement community.
• Traveling somewhere they always wanted to visit but never had the time before.
• Spending more time with family, including babysitting grandchildren or visiting faraway relatives they rarely get to see.
• Getting a part-time job for extra money and the satisfaction of continuing to work.
• Picking up the pursuit of a dream that might have been set aside because it was too impractical while working full-time.
• Learning a new skill like carpentry, cooking, gardening, etc.
• Learning another language – and taking a trip to where they speak it.
• Finding serenity through fishing, yoga, meditation, walks, or whatever brings inner peace and enjoyment.
• Mentoring someone who could benefit from sharing a skill and experiences.
• Learning to ballroom dance.
• Exploring arts and crafts (possibly creating gifts for friends and family or selling items for extra money)
• Joining a book club and reading new novels each month.
• Taking up an exercise program to stay active like swimming or walking.
• Planting a garden and sharing the vegetables or flowers with others.
• Taking on a remodeling project to increase the value of a home and achieve the look they’ve always wanted.
• Becoming an advocate for a cause and rallying others to it.
• Attending (or performing in) concerts.

These are just a few of the ideas for making retirement years more golden. The beauty of being a part of a retirement community like Regency is having people around to take care of everyday needs and presenting opportunities to build friendships and participate in fun outings. In March alone, Regency residents will enjoy performances by Jeff Bianchi on classical guitar, Bob and Tally Green playing 6 string guitar-banjo and upright double bass bluegrass and gospel, as well as a St Patrick’s Day party with James and James.

Regency hopes that these years are filled with true joy and happiness for all seniors who have spent a lifetime working hard and now enjoy a retirement that is an adventure.