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Tuscaloosa Seniors and Friends“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.”
– William Butler Yeats

This saying is certainly true at Regency Retirement Village, where fellow residents and caring staff achieve a homelike atmosphere. It is a community where a person can find compassion, respect and fun. Even though a senior on a tour may find our buildings nice and welcoming, the prospect of uprooting from a home and moving into an apartment with lots of strangers all around may be daunting. Here at Regency Retirement of Tuscaloosa, seniors truly enjoy making new friends in a homelike atmosphere.

The senior may experience worrisome thoughts like:

  • Will I be able to make friends here?
  • Will they accept me?
  • Will I miss home?

Let’s address these one at a time…

Making friends in a new place may be awkward, but there’s no shame in wanting to make more friends or feeling lonely. Regency’s activity directors make the process easier by conducting an audit of new residents’ favorite things to do. Getting a sense of the newcomer’s personality, Regency staff pair them with existing residents who may have similar interests or temperament. Even couples who enjoy each other’s company may crave the presence of another couple to socialize with.

Veterans can enjoy a camaraderie with each other in our Homes4Heroes, designed especially with them in mind. The menfolk take time to go out together and we love seeing resident women sitting together, smiling and playing like siblings during crafts class. Finding new friends who are similar to those we’ve left behind elsewhere is key to feeling emotionally supported in a new place. Shared love of music, sports, and funny stories are just some of the things that can make it easier to recognize a friend. Just say “Roll Tide” or “War Eagle” in Alabama and you’re sure to get a grin. Be brave. Step out of your comfort zone.

Someone thinking of moving to Regency need not worry about being accepted. Our caring staff are here to take care of resident needs. Stripped of worries about being safe or needing to take care of tasks like housekeeping, there’s just time to enjoy a fun lifestyle. Residents are not only warmly welcomed by other residents (who certainly remember how nervous they felt when they first moved) but also by our crew at Regency, who are dedicated to keeping them active and social. No one is left feel as if they are discouraged from participating here.

And finally, homesickness may be part of the experience of initially moving (at any age), but most of our residents end up wishing they had moved earlier. Coping strategies include getting plenty of exercise (Regency offers fitness programs to keep seniors active), doing things you loved to do at home (gardening and hobbies are encouraged here), and keeping familiar things around (most of our residents decorate their apartments with furniture and personal items from their previous home).

Talking to friends and family also helps us feel supported and connected, which is important for adjusting to a new place. Residents are always welcome to entertain visiting family and friends, and Regency even holds special events they are encouraged to join us for participating.

A study that’s been ongoing since the 1930s suggests that making and maintaining satisfying social relationships is key to being happier and healthier later in life. Making a buddy is not just a fun thing to do – it’s medicine for the mind, body and soul.

To learn more about Regency and arrange a tour to start meeting your new friends, call us at (205) 752-5500.