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Tuscaloosa Seniors and CareDecember is shaping up to be a great month for Tuscaloosa seniors.

The Alabama Crimson Tide is once again at the top of the college football world in the inaugural playoffs as we approach the Iron Bowl and SEC Championship Game. It’s also the Christmas Holidays – a time when we pause to reflect on traditions and enjoying moments spent with family.

During this time, we always have the same thought come to mind: What to give others.

One suggestion is to put some thought into the hobbies, interests and collectibles of those we buy or make gifts for. If a family member is a die-hard Alabama fan, it’s a good bet that memorabilia, t-shirts or tickets to upcoming games will be warmly received. When on a strict budget, consider personalizing something in creative ways, perhaps passing along a book you’ve always enjoyed. Seniors can often give someone a piece of antique furniture they no longer have room for after relocating to Regency.

Providing the impetus for an experience can also make a great present. A grandchild, for example, will make memories spending a few hours enjoying the Children’s Hands-On Museum or exploring the Paul W. Bryant Museum. A trip to the Tuscaloosa Museum of Art can provide stimulation and inspire someone in ways that a store-bought gift simply can’t. Toys break or become outgrown, but memories are forever.

To a large extent, Christmas is about doing things together. And documenting the occasion with photos, of course! We reflect on the last dozen months and marvel at how fast the grandchildren are growing. We know our residents will cherish this time enjoying family recipes and partaking in their unique traditions.

At Regency, our community is a “family” as well. Our Holiday Open House will be celebrated in Pathways Memory Care at noon on December 5th with a luncheon for residents and families. Reservations are appreciated by December 1st. Also, on December 7th, the Assisted Living and Garden Home Residents will have an Open House for residents and families. There will be an 11 am seating and a second one at 1 pm. Guests will need to make a reservation by December 3rd and let us know which time you prefer.

On December 10th, we’ll be entertained by the University of Alabama Adult String Ensemble in the Chapel. On December 12th, the brother and sister duo known as Music and Memories will return to perform in the Chapel at 6:30 pm. On December 22nd, residents will be visited by Singing Santa and sing-along while having their picture taken with St. Nick. On December 24th, we will watch the film “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and enjoy some holiday treats.

It looks to be a busy several weeks ahead. We look forward to it and wish all of our residents and their families a wonderful Christmas time!