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Technology-Assisted Memory Care Enhancing Life for Tuscaloosa’s Seniors

Tuscaloosa has been a testing ground for an exciting new technology platform described as an “engagement system” with seniors in mind. It’s Never 2 Late is a new device to meet the needs of our residents, regardless of their physical and cognitive abilities. This new system offers communication features for residents, their loved ones and caregivers in the form of a portable, easy-to-use, intuitive tool to support:

  • Social connection
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Spiritual and emotional support
  • Personal interests

“This was a major initiative to test this engagement system at two communities, Huntsville being the other one,” said Jeff Clay, Regency’s COO. “Seeing the results, we became confident that it was making a difference with our residents — getting their families involved and making our Activity Directors’ jobs easier. It has been enjoyable and fulfilling to see their residents having a better quality of life! iN2L will be an integral part of all of our Pathways INTENTIONAL Memory Care Neighborhoods.”

Clay said Regency is making this system a company-wide commitment for our Memory Care residents. “Tuscaloosa has used one for 6 months. We just purchased an additional five units for our remaining communities.”

How Does it Work?

The iN2L system includes programming for education, spirituality, music, games, exercise and more, all launched with applications designed with senior user experience in mind. Content programming is selected per each resident’s interests and needs from iN2L’s continually updated content. In addition, iN2L Focus features video chat, photo sharing, text, and e-mail, enabling residents and their loved ones to easily communicate and socialize.

We have the flexibility to use this new system one-on-one for therapy or in small groups or independently by residents. It provides our staff with opportunities to interact and engage with the people they care for in ways that are unique and personalized.

Improving Tuscaloosa Seniors’ Quality of Life

Research suggests that digital engagement technology may slow the progression of dementia, reduce reliance on antidepressant medication, and mitigate cognitive decline associated with loneliness, depression, and boredom. Nearly 50 percent of LTC residents experience mild to chronic depression, which can often be mistaken for dementia.

The system has clear benefits for residents who do suffer from dementia. Regency is integrating training from Teepa Snow, an internationally known trainer and speaker from Alabama, regarding Alzheimer’s care.
“We plan to employ her comprehensive videos into our training programs for our caregivers,” he said. “These videos cover everything from unique approaches to engaging our residents into participating in planned activities or redirecting a resident that’s having some challenging behaviors.”

We are able to use iN2L for Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. Residents can benefit from safety awareness, problem-solving, and memory applications.

Families Encouraged to Participate in Using iN2L

The iN2L has the ability for families to create a unique resident portal or account where they can download a resident’s favorite music artists and songs, plus a plethora of learning activities where they are engaged to participate.

Part of what makes it so great is the ease of use. A portable touchscreen kiosk system with screen and speakers built right in, the iN2L can go anywhere that a wheelchair can. The senior-friendly software and applications encourage brain fitness, education, virtual travel, spirituality, music, games, trivia, exercise, dementia programming, and more. Residents can also benefit from safety awareness, problem-solving and memory applications.

Therapeutic “apps” are disguised as entertaining games. For example, a resident needing help with hand/eye coordination might touch the screen to “pop” bubbles pixelated on the touchscreen. A former pilot can simulate the experience of taking off or landing a plane with a flight simulator. Our staff in Tuscaloosa have enjoyed watching residents discover they can learn new things and restore lost connections.

Learn More About this Technology-Assisted Memory Care System

This video does a pretty good job of explaining what the iN2L system is and what it is capable of doing. Please let us know if you have any questions after watching it. We encourage everyone to use it to deepen your connections to our residents for the betterment of their lives. To learn more about Regency, call us at (205) 752-5500.

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