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Every season has its claims to fame, but spring is such a beautiful time of renewal and rebirth for so many things in the natural world. The days start to get longer again, trees and flowers begin to bloom, and there are baby animals everywhere. 

Many animals have young in the springtime because the days are longer, allowing the mamas more time to hunt and scavenge for food to feed themselves and their babies. Warmer weather and regular rainfall also helps maximize plant growth, which translates to more food options for many species. Below are some animals born in spring! 

Bunnies– These cute, fuzzy mascots of spring are actually called “kittens,” and can be born in litters as large as nine.

Deer– Did you know that baby deer, called fawns, stay with their mothers for approximately a full year before going out on their own? That’s a bond.

Raccoons– You might catch raccoons rifling through the trash, but they sure are precious. In the wild, raccoons will travel as far as 18 miles to search for food; however, in more urban areas, they will go about one mile from their dens.

Goats– Baby goats bleating is a sound of spring, for sure, but did you know that they have unique accents from region to region? Just like the voices of humans, goats from different areas sound differently.

Birds– You’ve likely found bird’s nests or even unhatched eggs in the springtime, as baby birds are almost the quintessential sign of spring. Did you know that some birds actually lay their eggs in the nests of other birds, so some babies grow up with siblings from other species? Wild!