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Amazing Facts about the Alps

  • The Alps stretch for around 1,200km, or 750 miles in total– that’s a lot of ground to cover!
  • The Alps stretch across many different countries, starting in France and ending in Austria. On the way, the mountains traverse Monaco, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Italy.
  • The absolute highest point in the Alps is a mountain you may have heard of– Mont Blanc, which means “White Mountain” or “White Peak.” It’s around 4,810 meters tall, or 15,782 feet up!
  • The Alps are just as popular with tourists in summer as they are in winter.
  • The average height of the mountains you can see across the Alps is around 2.5km or an equivalent of 1.6 miles.
  • It’s thought that the Romans used to mine for gold here– and there were once rich copper mines across the Alps, too!
  • The Alps are permanently covered in snow and are coated in glaciers year-round.
  • It’s thought that the Alpine stretch may play host to more than 13,000 different varieties of plants! Not only that, but 30,000 different animal species live across the region as well.
  • More than 120 million people venture out to see these magnificent mountains each and every year!
  • Avalanches can be seriously deadly for anyone staying in or traveling across the Alps. In fact, you’re most likely to see avalanches sometime between November and June. So, if you really want to stay safe, travel during the summer!