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Mardi Gras Celebration

Fat Tuesday you say?! We will be having a Mardi Gras celebration and hope all residents will don their most festive gold, purple, and green attire for the day for fun and festivity!

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Group

March 3rd at 3:00pm

On the first Thursday of each month we will have an Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Group with Laura Raschilla at 3 pm. We hope you’ll consider joining us for support and community.

Pet Therapy

March 15th

We look forward to having pet therapy with Rob and Bonnie on March 15th. Rob is with Pro Health and serves the senior population of West Alabama.

Leprechaun McFarland

“Leprechaun McFarland” Once you’ve found me take me to the concierge please. I will be hiding throughout the building. Good Luck 🙂

Sip & Paint

March 18th at 2:00pm

Family time is always good. We will be hosting another Sip and Paint event on March 18th at 2:00pm and hope friends and family can join us for this fun and relaxing activity!


March 23rd at 1:30pm

What’s not to love about a fresh coat of nail polish? Shelton State will be here on Wednesday, March 23rd at 1:30pm to give our residents manicures. We hope you’ll join us!