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Born in Wellesley, Massachusetts, in 1961 to parents Richard and Claire, Jennifer Davis Clair grew up as the middle child with a younger brother and an older sister. A scholarship student at the University of Pennsylvania, she earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing. After gaining experience as a nurse, she pursued a Master of Science in women’s ambulatory health at Boston College, becoming a nurse practitioner specializing in infertility. For 35 years, Jennifer dedicated herself to helping couples experience the joy of parenthood, witnessing the smiles on their faces. In 1993, she married Pete Ludovice, retaining her last name for ease of pronunciation. Relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, for Pete’s faculty position at Georgia Tech, Jennifer continued her work in infertility medicine. Over three decades in Atlanta, they raised two children, Dylan and Miranda. Jennifer, a passionate animal lover, served as a volunteer board member for a no-kill shelter, fostering numerous dogs. An enthusiastic tennis player, she participated in various leagues throughout her years in Atlanta.