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11133828_944039592293046_6714259148728982768_nIf you have an older relative who currently lives alone, you might be thinking about looking into a retirement home. You want them to be safe and well taken care of. However, they might have some reservations about making such a move. In an effort to alleviate those fears, here are some of the benefits of trying an assisted living community like Regency:

If your loved one is living alone, they probably have to do various chores like strenuous yard work and cleaning. This becomes more difficult and even dangerous with age. At Regency, we take care of those things, so the risk of injury is significantly less than it would be otherwise.

Meal preparation can become much harder with age. It might not be as easy to get to the grocery store anymore. To help, Regency provides residents with three meals a day, so you never have to worry if they’re getting enough to eat.

Some seniors have trouble keeping up their social lives. They can’t get out as easily, and long days at home can lead to loneliness. But in an assisted living community, they are surrounded by peers and staff. There is never any shortage of potential friendships!

Advanced age can lead to difficulty in driving. With mobility and even memory issues, it becomes more dangerous to drive, especially in busy traffic. We provide transportation for our residents so there is no need to worry.

While a senior living alone might have little more to do than sit around in front of the television, that’s not the case at Regency. Our Activity Director plans outings, theme days and parties, and other entertainment for our residents’ enjoyment! It is difficult to get bored here!

Some families worry about con artists and door-to-door salespeople taking advantage of their older relatives living alone. This is not a problem at Regency.

We understand that it can be a little nerve-wracking to make the decision to move into a retirement community. We do everything we can to make it a comfortable transition so your loved one can make the absolute most of their golden years!