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Do you want to provide the best possible life enrichment for a loved one here at our Tuscaloosa Senior Living Community? The first step to volunteering at Regency Retirement Village of Tuscaloosa is to consider how much time you can contribute, how often you can volunteer, and what type of volunteering interests you.

The needs are varied. Often, it is less a matter of obligating yourself to spend a lot of time (which many of us seem to have less and less of these days) and more about giving an hour or two now and then.

Although volunteers give selflessly of their time, they also gain so much in return – from the sense of deep fulfillment that comes from improving the life of another human being to improved self-confidence and self-esteem gained from the expressions of gratitude from thankful residents, their families, and our whole community.

On a purely spiritual level, it does the soul good to contribute to the greater good, worship with our senior residents, and share testimony through action. This counters the darkness of the world, which we see far too often in the headlines.

Identifying Volunteer Opportunities at Assisted Living communities

regency tuscaloosa volunteer cain roseDo you love board games? So do our residents! Sometimes it is less about the actual gameplay and more about having someone to listen to and talk with while playing. Our residents love playing Bingo as a group, so having someone join us in calling the numbers is great.

Got a talent? If you sing or know how to play an instrument, our activity directors would love to talk with you about performing for our residents. Especially in demand are entertainers who know popular songs from the last century which many of the residents enjoyed listening to as young adults. Gospel singing is also very popular. It can be a real blessing to clap or sing along.

Know stuff? We like to learn. If you’ve done a deep dive into an interesting topic that seniors might enjoy hearing about, by all means, approach us about sharing what you know!

Arts and Crafts also enhance the quality of life for residents. Even something as simple as coloring offers therapeutic and entertainment benefits.

To quote famed tennis star Arthur Ashe: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Volunteer Spotlight: Rose Cain

A good example of a great Regency Volunteer is Rose Cain.

Rose is currently a Cosmetologist and Stylist. She will showcase her talents in the upcoming make-overs for our Mother’s Day residents.

Rose loves listening to the residents’ life stories, and each one brings her joy.

The residents love hearing the violin, hymns and the experiences of her faith in God. Rose’s presence uplifts all of us at Regency. Her contagious smile brings comfort. Thanks, Rose for sharing your life with us!

Make an Impact by Volunteering at our Tuscaloosa Senior Living Community

If you want to discuss ways you can step up and participate, please contact us at (205) 752-5500 to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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