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November – Resident Spotlight

Isaac Savage was born in Newbern, Alabama on October 6,1934. He was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Savage. He was indeed a momma’s boy. He graduated from Industrial High School.

After meeting the love of this life, Isaac married his wife at the age of twenty-two years old. He and his lovely wife were married for fifty-four years. They had two loving boys. Isaac is very close to his sons. He has four grandchildren with the youngest being two years old.

After spending forty-eight years in Cleveland, Ohio, Isaac moved back to Tuscaloosa. Isaac was in the military for two years and was stationed in Fort Jackson in South Carolina. He was selected to be the General’s, right-hand man. Isaac belongs to St. John Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa. He loves reading and studying his bible; he also likes to watch any kind of sports. Isaac has been a resident of Regency Retirement Village for about three and a half years. He loves it here and has made many friends, especially his good buddy Billy Wilson.